I scored a 46 on the autism quotient test. Am I autistic, and should I get myself tested?

Nobody here can answer based on the data given and anyone who is qualified to answer would not based on such indirect information.

The best you can get is "probably" which the test probably delivered at the end along with the number. Since we don't know the scale, it is impossible to really know.

If you want to know for sure, you need to seek a counselor who is qualified in these matters and get evaluated.

One question you need to consider before spending the time and money on this is just what you will do with this information. Are you seeking disability accommodations or something? Going around telling people you are autistic isn't a recipe for success in most any situation. If you have found that you already have troubles and the autism idea makes sense and helps you deal with it, does an official diagnosis make it even better?

I scored 45 on the online AQ test. I went to have myself formally tested and was diagnosed with AS by my psychologist.

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