I started high school at age 12.What age do American children start?

American children usually go to Kindergarten around age 5*. A "pre-K" year is also fashionable in some parts of the country.

Elementary School consists of grades 1 through grade 5 or 6, depending on the school district. In my children's district it is through grade 5, where I grew up it is through grade 6. This is roughly from age 6 to age 11.

Junior High School is typically grades 7 and 8 only, while Middle School generally includes grades 6, 7 and 8.

High School begins with grade 9 ("Freshman year"), and includes grade 10 ("Sophomore year"), grade 11 ("Junior year"), and grade 12 ("Senior year"). Most high school students are 13 or 14 years old when they start, and are 17 or 18 years old when they graduate.

It is also not uncommon for someone to skip a grade. For example, one of my best friends skipped 5th grade. His birthday is in December, and he had been one of the oldest kids in his grade. He was very bright, so they advanced him from 4th grade directly to 6th grade, where he was now one of the youngest kids in the class.

My dad didn't skip any grades, but still graduated from high school at age 16. It just goes to show you how variable the system can be.


*The exact age of the child depends on when his/her birthday falls. School starts in August or September and runs through May or June. Different local school districts have slightly different schedules, and the ages are not mandated by state law in California.

I started at 13 (I am a summer baby). I graduated at 17 and turned 18 two months later.

I think the average high school ages when I went, ranged from 13-15 for a freshmen, and 17-19 for a senior. Now days, it's more likely to be 14-19 for ages as early admission to kinder has been cut. Kids must be 5 years old by Sept 1 in order to start Kinder now in my area.

Hope this helps.

Usually high school is 9th-12th grade- it depends on the school though. I've heard some schools consider high school grades 7/8–12, some grades 9–12, and others grades 10–12. *Most* schools have high school as grades 9–12 though.

If you start at kindergarten at age 5 , then that puts high school at about 14 years old. Of course there are kids who start earlier because they enter kindergarten early or they skip a grade, and there are those who go to a school where high school starts at 7th or 8th grade, so they could potentially enter at 12 or 13.

That means most kids will graduate at 17 or 18 years old (most are 18, those who were born in the summer would be still 17 though).

Age 14 or 15 depending on the child birthday and the cut off date. For example the cut off date in my state was changed to June 1st. So that means in August when they start high school people with June-August birthday will start at 15. And if there birthday is August-May they will start at 14 but turn 15 during the grade or at the end of the grade. So basically it 15 year old really I guess. They want more kindergarten more 6 year old kindergarten instead of 5 year old. So they want everyone to graduate high school at 18.

About age 14 but then high school is not the same thing in the US as in many other nations.

I tried pasting in the table at this link but it doesn't come across formatted. It compares the terminology for each year of education in the UK and the US. You will see high school in the US is typically for 14–18 year old students, and comprises four years. In the UK the beginning of high school corresponds to the beginning of Middle School in US terminology, 6th grade US or Year 7 UK.


Usually 9th grade is populated with 14- and 15-year-olds, depending on the time their birthday falls during the year. But middle school can start in 6th grade, age 11–12, or junior high in 7th grade, age 12–13. School systems in different countries and cultures are rarely interchangeable or even comparable.

Depending on where one lives, schools can have different delineations.
Usually, the current breakdown is K-4 is grade school. 5-7 grades is middle school. 8-9 grades is junior high. 10-12 grades is high school.
Kindergarteners start around 5 years old. I was 12 when I started 7th grade. I graduated high school at 17. Most people are within a year of my age on the divisions of ages/grades.

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