I suffer from magical thinking OCD and intrusive thoughts bother me very much, I feel like I have to do compulsions and I am scared of those thoughts. What should I do to calm myself?

If you are not in OCD treatment already you may want to consider it. There is no avoiding this stuff. Any attempts to ritualize will offer only temporary relief but in turn make the condition stronger. This disorder learns from your actions. If you show it that you are afraid of these thoughts your brain will get the message that this is extremely important to you and that it is correct standing guard waiting for these thoughts to occur so it can send you fear and anxiety to back away or ritualize. Along with an experienced OCD therapist you can learn to turn the tables on the OCD and get it to realize that you are not afraid of these thoughts. Only then will it leave you alone. Find an OCD specialist who practices CBT therapy and uses ERP techniques. It's the most effective way out of this.

Is Christianity anti-homosexual?

No, not every Christian opposes homosexuality. I, for one, do not. I fervently believe that since God gives us the building blocks for life (DNA) and the scientific processes which accompany it, God accepts LGBTQ+ people. Recent scientific research has shown that people are

Which country is more stressful? Japan or South Korea?

Both countries are pretty high stress, on different aspects. I'll explain a bit further. And no, it doesn't have to do with North Korea either.KoreaThe stress comes from the excessive competition of our society. Everything is like a high strung competition here,