I think I'm gay, but I'm afraid that if I do tell, my parents, they will kick me out of my house. I'm only 14, and I have nowhere to run. What can I do?

I know lately, these past few years with media being more prevalent, there's a lot of preassure on those of us who are gay to come out. No matter the consequenses it'll have on us.

So, as a person that's 21 and gay, I'd advice you to not come out if you worry it'll harm you or you'll be kicked out. It's incredibly scary and I'm so sorry you're in the position you're in buddy, but your safety matters the most, not whatever validity you'd get from others or online for coming out despite the consequenses.

What's the most important now is that you stay safe and you keep that roof over your head, okay? If you need someone to talk to you can message me, and there's also spaces online for gay minors where you can talk about your experiences and feel safe.

I'm wishing you the best of luck to you, your safety, and your future.

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