I think I married a narcissistic, immature woman. What can I do as a husband to help her?

IME, the best thing you can do for the people you care about is to be the best you that you can possibly be.  You can't fix her, you can only control your own behaviors, and one of them is to consciously manage your own boundaries 

When you hold a mirror up to her behaviors, talk in "I feel" statements... "when you do X, I feel Y."  Speak your truth, and give up the outcome.  She will get it when she is ready, not before. 

As to giving up, that is a call only you can make.  If I were you, I'd get muself into therapy.  What do you get out of this relationship?

Will eating 4-6 small meals a day help me lose weight?

Thanks for the A2A Nima JooyandehThis is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these yearsBe it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

What's the best time to visit Bermuda?

The best time to visit Bermuda is either March or April; that's when the temperate weather becomes pleasant for beach bathing, if not quite swimming. And the prices aren't as hefty as they are during the busiest season, from May to October. If you're more interested in golfing, plan your trip for wintertime. You'll get the greatest discount at

What is the most nutritious food you know of and why?

The most nutritious foods are as follwows :The world's most cheapest and the most nutritious food is surprisingly our idli saambar. This has been confirmed and recommended by WHO. Moreover it is a complete food.It contains carbohydrates, rich proteins, enzymes, moderate fats, amino acids, fiber etc.,