I think Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister ever, Can you change my mind?

You just compare the circumstances of other Prime Ministers. What kind of situations they have faced. How difficult was them to imply their planning. Because in their time people of India were not so educated. They get much difficult to introduce any new ideas.

But now days Modi don't have to face that much difficulty. He has got everything ready. Today's India is developing since last 15 years. It has developed in all departments. Is it because of Modi.

Just answer to the question - What Modi has done in last Five Years ?

What is Detailed Insight on causes and symptoms of Piles?

Piles or a hemorrhoid refers to the formation of swollen blood vessels across the rectum and anus. This primarily happens when the haemorrhoidal veins situated at the posterior part of the rectum stretch, become thin and get inflamed by bowel movements.This condition is classified into

I have been ‘legally' separated from my ex husband for three years my boyfriend wants me to get a divorce, what should I do?

If you want to get married to your BF, you have to divorce the ex. I am surprised you have not already divorced your ex, it has been 3 years. Do you plan on getting back together? Are you religiously opposed to divorce? Are you afraid of committing to a new

Can height increase after going to the gym?

A big YES to this question height definitely increases after gym.Height plays an important role in enhancing the persona of an individual.According to me the best possible way to increase height is naturally combining an exercise routine with the right diet in right manner.I'm so sure of this because I'm also a Fitness Freak doing Gym