I think my father is a psychopath and I fear he might kill me. What do I do?

Leave now and don't let him know where you are and cut off communication with him forever. If you are a minor, get cps involved. Or go to a teen shelter in your area.

If you are an adult, no contact. Get a restraining order if that is an issue. Go to a domestic violence shelter if you live with him (maybe even if you don't). They have resources and knowledge of how to keep people safe from violent people.

Are deep deadlifts a good exercise for the leg muscles?

A2ADo you mean deficit deadlifts ?If so yes - but it would serve specific purpose in your training . For eg deficit deadlifts would improve the off the floor strength in normal deadlifts.But I for a general strength trainee I would simply do not make deadlifts .That is because deficit deadlifts require much more mobility the

Is it better to program in Linux?

Linux has a plethora of programs for testing and validating code, for ensuring the code was compiled correctly, for profiling and analysing memory behaviour, network performance, parallel programming performance, disk I/O performance, etc. It has profilers that can tell you what the kernel is doing when you run an instruction, how well

Can I just do leg extensions to get bigger legs?

Thanks for asking but you won't like my answer. Leg extensions would only exercise two of your quads and not anything else. You'd look funny.Keep in mind that diet plays a huge role in muscle building. Likewise, quality sleep. Some bodies are not genetically predisposed for size. Bone length also