I want a Tesla but are electric cars better than gas cars?

Depends - are you driving long distances without a network of charges then it is not better.

If you are thing of getting a cheap car then it is not better.

If you want to have the flexibility of having it serviced by your favorite mechanic then it is not better.

It depends - what is your expected use and what do you expect to get from it.

Why do you want a TESLA?

Tesla could stop making cars or sell the car business to someone else. So you lost the Musk factor.

It looks like Tesla's main business is batteries. They have created a panic in the car industry and the existing companies now have FOMO. Tesla wants to sell batteries to the established motor manufacturers.

They are like Maccas who are in the real estate business . It is not what it looks like.

Yes they are. No question. They are not for everyone but if you have (or can install) a place to charge it and are not routinely driving outside the range of the one you select then you're crazy not to get one. They're quiet. Perform wonderfully. Require little maintenance. Are clean. And their "fuel" costs 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of gasoline. The Tesla supercharger network makes driving long distances nearly as easy as doing the same in a gas-powered car. And the 200+ mile range handles nearly 100% of most people's daily requirements without needing to find a supercharger.

Do you have a place to plug it in overnight? Like a driveway? It's not to hard for an electrician to install a plug, so anywhere you own, or can get permission for, will work.

Then yes. They are, in nearly every measurement, the best cars every made. Go for a test drive and see.

If not, then you should not test drive one, because you will want it too much.

Also, while Tesla is the best, it's has a price to match. Many other electic cars like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt, have most of the same advantages. They are great cars instead of fantastic ones, but at a lower price. You still need a place to plug them in though.

Better in what sense? What is your criteria or priority when buying your next car?

If it breaks your budget or you can't afford it, then it may not be better.

If you can afford it, I'd say electric is better vs ICE. Less maintenance, cost can be less based on electricity price. Your car may have software updates (at least a Tesla does) keeping your car newer far longer than traditional ICE cars.

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