I want to be a scientist of some kind but I am terrible at math. Are there any sciences that do not rely on math that much or should I just look for a different career path?

You're going to have a rough time of it.

Less so that you are "terrible at math", and more so that you don't enjoy it. Conducting science often means diving headlong into math without hesitation. Sure, there's a lot of things in life you can do without it, but it's going to sneak up on you. A young researcher who neglected the subject will do just fine... up until one day, when they suddenly find they need 5 more years of math to take the next step in their project.

Now, I will say this: there's a good chance you're not actually terrible, and you might actually enjoy it. Bad teachers can make math seem 10x worse than it actually is. And there are many branches of math that might not "feel" like the standard fare you're used to. Look into geometry, or combinatorics, or game theory, or principles of logic, and you just might find something that captures your interest after all.

I will also say that it's possible for you to find a home in science without much advanced math, but it very much depends on what science, and finding the right niche. If you want to do, say, speech pathology, you're not going to be held back my algebra. On the other hand, to conduct a study, you're going to need at least a basic knowledge of statistics, or to be on a team with someone who does. Ignorance of math is going to make you look less valuable.

Let me put it to you this way.

Have you ever read stories about discoveries quantum physics, or relativity, in the media? They all sound like vague garbage, and the reason why is that newspapers refuse to print any math. They try to analogize to something readers might understand, but it's all nonsense.

Explaining the workings of quantum mechanics without using math is like explaining the greatness of Shakespeare without being allowed to directly quote him. Explain Hamlet or Romeo & Juliet with a simple plot synopsis and nobody is going to know why they're great works of literature.

Math is a language. It is an important language used in most, if not all of the sciences. Learning basic math concepts takes time and practice. If you don't get it the first time, try again until you do. Many people who fail at math, do so because they don't believe they can understand math. But there is really nothing too complicated about it.

While there are a few branches of the sciences that don't really use math, that is changing. The ability to use math to model data to prove or disprove hypotheses supporting theories is the dominant paradigm across scientific disciplines.

That said, it is important to understand that you don't need to understand all of mathematics, for the most part, an understanding of descriptive statistics and how math is used to understand and describe the differences between distributions will be more than sufficient.

There are a lot of books, websites, and videos out there that cover the basics of statistics.

Hang in there. You can do it.

The sciences all employ mathematics at some point. That trend can only increase.

You may think you are terrible at math. This is a temporary condition. You need to throw yourself into mathematics. You will find that you are more than capable of doing, if not completely mastering, most of the school math you encounter.

The issue, as with any language, is immersion. You do this by taking the time to go through, in depth the math you are studying. You must read mathematical material by rewriting it and filling in the steps the author leaves out. You cannot read a math book the way you read a history book.

The only thing you left out of this question is "what is the science that pays the most". My immediate answer to this is ass follows:

  1. what are your interests in.
  2. Science covers huge spectrum ... again what science do you find interesting and totally feels like a great fit for you.
  3. Seek to quidance consider, your teachers, friends, and reach out to friends that may know someone in said science and ask for intrudection as someone who is serious in pursuing career in what they are already doing. Ask the people you speak to to guide you as what is requested to be learned, courses to achieve best results, reading material on particuler subject in eBooks.
  4. Finally if multiple sciences come to the top of intrest create a plus minus sheet for each. What I mean is for each science that is dearly of intrest put on one side all the good things you know about said science on the other put all negative aspects of orking in said science. Then put each side by side cross off all like points from plus side then cross off all like points for negative then look at what is left and that will help you to reach potential guidance on path you might want to take.

But hear th following words never ever make the final guidance on money. If you are happy in what you do it will be rewarding and you will succeed as well in said job to the point monetary funds will show up. Pepole that are unhappy in what they do are not awarded huge salary on thinks come to you in doing a particular career path. The attitude of resentment will manifest in your work and your employer will see and not give you what you think you deserve.

I agree with some of the other answers... you really should stop saying you're bad at math. Take the time to learn it and you will do fine. However, to answer your original question, computer science shouldn't take a lot of math. It depends on the focus, what college you're in, the course requirements... etc. HOWEVER! It would probably be harder to find a science curriculum that goes easy on math that you can shoehorn your way into, than it would be to just take the courses. Math and esp. Calculus is amazing. Go learn it!

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