I want to buy a second hand car in budget of 2 to 3 lacs, which car should I buy?

First and most imp... Take it from a certified dealer who gives u warranty/guarantee on the car. It is around 10k more than market but there is a guarantee and assurance that most of the issues have been fixed.

Drive the car urself and if possible take a mechanic with you to take a drive if you know any before you finalize.

2-3 lac my suggestion would be to go for a 3-4 yr old car in the wagonr- i10 space. Both cars are value for money and low on maintenance. Dont go for a car which has exceeded 50k kms run as in all probablity the tires will be close to wearout. Do not take models which are already out of market.. You will have difficulty in selling it later.

Ofcourse you might be tempted to go for a sedan but it should be clear that a sedan in that range will be atleast 7-8 yrs old with a run of 50k plus. In no time that car will start giving you odd maintenance jobs which will add up to the car price.

Considering your budget, you should get a great condition hatchback along the lines of Hyundai i10, Chevrolet Beat & Ford Figo. However while buying a used car make sure to look for these things before you make your purchase:-

  • Proper paperwork
  • Condition of the car body and paintwork
  • Functionality of engine, clutch, brakes and other components
  • Test drive it
  • Prefer going for a and insist on a car warranty.

You can read more about the things you want to make sure of before making the purchase here. If you are looking to buy cars from third party dealers, then ensure that you get the car thoroughly inspected from a used car inspection service like Spinny Inspect.

In the budget you are looking for you could get cars across all ranges from Hyundai Accord to an almost new Alto. But keeping in mind parameters like the condition of the car, it's maintenance, running cost along with the market price of a first-hand car, you should probably go for the following vehicle options:-

Hyundai i10 : It isn't without reason that this compact, fuel efficient hatchback was crowned the ‘Car of The Year' in 2014. You can find your good condition ‘Car of The Year' here.

Chevrolet Beat : This zesty little vehicle is not only high on style but is high on fuel economy and comfort too. You can find one here.

Ford Figo: The most powerful of the lot, if you have a thing for power and speed, this little beast is what you should go for. Look for one here.

If you are looking for more cars in the budget of 2–3 lakhs, you can browse the category over here & find what you are looking for.

In the budget that you are looking for, you could probably acquire a prime condition hatchback along the lines of a i10, Beat, or if you are lucky enough a good gondition Swift.

Recently a friend of mine acquired a second hand Swift (his budget was upto 4 lacks though) from this online portal which goes by the name of Spinny. He is not only quite happy with his 3 month old purchase, but was also pleased with their service too. You can fill in your desired parameters on their website and browse your options. https://www.myspinny.com/

Here are some of the used cars in the budget mentioned above:

Hyundai I10 Sportz - 2.10 Lakh INR

Maruti Suzuki Sx4 ZXI - 2.40 Lakh INR

Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo - 2.50 Lakh INR

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 - 2.75 Lakh INR

Fiat Grand Punto Active - 2.75 Lakh INR

Ford Fiesta EXI - 1.95 Lakh INR

Chevrolet Spark LS - 2.15 Lakh INR,

This is not an end of the list if you are not happy with the listings mentioned above. You can visit IBB to explore more evaluated used cars.

Well I assume you want a car that gives good mileage, and hassle free ownership and is comfortable, in short a car that is maximum value for the buck. If you want a hatchback, go for the Maruti Swift, a very good car, you could find a 2008 or 2009 model for this price, but do look for a petrol one. But if you want a sedan, I would recommend looking for a Honda City ZX 2007 model at the same price point.

With a budget of 2-3 lakhs I would suggest you to search for a Toyota Etios or a Toyota Innova which has run anywhere under 1.5 lakh km, doesn't matter how old the car is.

Toyota Engines are capable of 3 lakh km without any hassles. That is why I am recommending a Toyota. Moreover maintainance is also very cheap. I have a 1st gen Toyota Etios and I have never paid more than 4k for 10k servicing. My car has ran 1.3 lakh km now and is still in great shape.

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