I want to learn to code and develop apps. Is there a certain coding language I should learn first?


If you want to make an app via custom coding, you need to learn languages like Java, SQL etc. for Android app development and to develop iOS app, you need to concentrate on Swift or Objective-C.

But as you are a beginner, Mobile app development platform is the best way to develop app.

With the help of app development tools you can develop apps with drag & Drop facilities without writing a single line of code.

I am an app developer, I have tried most of the mobile app development platforms.  I have developed more than 50 apps till today with the help of Phonegap, Telerik, ConfigureIT etc. They are running successfully on app store.

As per my experience in this field, I recommend developers as well as beginners to use mobile app development platform like Configure.IT, because it provides automatic coding, app preview facility, direct API connect and a lot more features. These things save a lot more development time and provides fast and well designed app in much less time.

For more info: Mobile Application Design Tools - Convert PSD to App UI

The main benefit of this tool, it is web based platform so you do not require to buy any extra system, you can make an app from any place as well as from any system.

I hope my answer can help you.

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