I want to sell mobile cases on Flipkart. Where can I find suppliers for mobile cases in India?

It is not feasible to manufacture phone covers in India at low costs. So they are imported from China.

Now here you can do two thing,  either import directly from China or buy it from someone who imports them in bulk.

If your import quantity is large than you should go for Direct Import from China.
As far as suppliers are concerned the best way to find them is Alibaba.com, choose trade assurance while placing order.

Now,  if your order quantity is small, than it is advisable to buy from some supplier. By this you can get good price.

But for longetivity of business I would suggest you import directly.

Hope it helps.


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Why you want to find suppliers in India?

Usually people find suppliers from Alibaba/Indiamart or by going to China or by contacts.

Be careful with online transactions


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