I was told that a teacher teaches different subjects and an instructor teaches only one subject, is this correct?

No, it is not true. My Teaching Certificate certifies me to teach Spanish. In the past I was an instructor in the Air Force. I went to specialized classes for that but did not have a Teaching Certificate.

The real truth behind all this that synonyms of teach are educate, instruct, school, tutor, coach, train; enlighten, illuminate, verse, edify, indoctrinate; drill, discipline.

The words are bounced around a lot and some people do not personally accept some of these words. For many years while I was teaching I wore a name tag that said "Professional Educator."

This does not cover every English speaking nation, but is more common in the US.

How do 'robot hackers' actually work?

Robot hackers or bots just automates process that humans perform. For an instance, i was working on Metasploit (that is a tool using which u can hack into operating systems in case u are Patrick :-p), the process that i was

How to buy shares in Microsoft

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How prisoners spend their life in prison?

Most spend a lot of time reading or watching TV, as they wait for the recreation yard to be open, which may or may not happen. Many just hang out with others with whom they've made friends and talk. Many write letters and/or phone loved