I work in an office, what are some good stretches or exercise I can do in breaks during the day?

Here are some quick, effective stretches that are perfect for desk job hustlers. Perform these flexibility exercises during your short breaks, and notice the difference:

Chest Stretch

Chest stretches are probably one of the best and most necessary exercises you can perform when you have a desk job.

Since most of the time you are hunched forward, performing this stretching exercise will enhance the flexibility and range of motion of your chest muscle group, which is crucial for a proper posture.

Spinal Twist

Apparently, it's not only your upper back that's experiencing strain and stiffness when you're seated for too long. It can, unfortunately, take a toll on your lower back, too.

You may also feel your lower back getting tight and achy after sitting for extended periods of time. But fret no more because spinal twists can help relieve the undue tension in your lower back!

Forearm Stretch

All that typing can strain your forearms, too. And you may not realize it until you give them a good stretch. This simple stretching exercise will help the muscles in your forearms and wrists get the break they deserve.

Torso Stretch

No matter how much we try to pay attention to our posture, we always tend to hunch back. And this may lead to backache.

Performing this simple stretch will allow the muscles in your arms, back, and sides to move, easing out the tension that may have built up in these areas.


You can learn more about the other stretches that you can perform in this office in this article: How to Stretch in the Office Quickly But Effectively

Hope this helps!

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