If Ghost Riders started appearing in the thousands today, what would happen to humanity, and how would we react?

"Noooo they're killing so many!!! Nooooo we can't stop them!!! Nooooo its so awful!!!!!"

*1 month later*

subdued "... nooo.... It was so awful what they did... But then again... They're only targeting bad people... And things are getting a lot better for me..."

*1 month after that*

News reporter:

"Crime is at an all time low world wide, no more reports of police abuse or unwarranted violence, corruption in government and corporate entities are at an all time low, there are no more known child molesters, rapists, murderers, and while most of the worlds various governments and associated bureaucracies have been wiped out- they are quickly being replenished by good people who just want to help. Surprisingly *cough* 87% of news organizations world wide have also been wiped out including Fox News and CNN besides Anderson Cooper, and there are no more accusations of fake news. The Ghost Riders apparently hate all fake news from all political parties as well as the politicians and corporate leaders who simply dismiss anything unflattering as fake... Global warming is being attacked with renewed vigor as all prominent opposition voices had their souls burned out of their bodies, and to the 90% of the world that is still alive- things are actually much much better and improving still."

Pretty much what Josh Breshears says!

All evil would cease to exist with the Riders dishing them out left and right!

You would actually come close to World Peace but my question is what will the Riders do next?

What are the unspoken rules of Seattle?

STOP your car for any pedestrian in the street, crossing the street, or looking like they might cross the street sometime in this century. Asshole.Pedestrians are allowed one side kick OR have the right to hurl the remainder of a cafe latte sixteen ounces or less, non-iced, at motorists who fail to

How to tell your boss (politely) that he/she talks too much

Well, here's something you could try.When your boss starts in on what seems like a long rant, you smile and say "I really want to hear this, may I take just a moment to postpone a couple of calls I was going to be

What are some of the best French restaurants in Washington DC?

ARGH ! I was just going to say, Le Diplomate on 14th. Excellent food. The bread is baked on site and is to die for. DC has changed beyond recognition and so has the foodie scene. Lots of ethnic food, especially Ethiopian. I