If God isn't real then how did we humans get here you mean to tell me we just created ourselves?

Homo sapiens evolved from earlier hominids. Hominids evolved from the genus Australopithecus, which evolved from earlier members of the hominidae family. The first members of the superfamily hominoidae, which encompasses all primates, who evolved from shrew like mammals during the mesozoic. These early mammals evolved from therapsids, mammals like reptiles sometime during the mesozoic. Therapsids evolved from pelycosaurs, a group of reptiles from the late paleozoic. They evolved from earlier reptiles, which evolved from amphibians, which evolved from lobe finned fish during the devonian. They evolved from earlier fish which evolved from invertebrates. They evolved from eukaryotic organisms, which evolved from prokaryotic organisms. They evolved from LUCA, which was a unicellular or a group of unicellular organisms which all life on earth is descended from. LUCA, meaning Last Universal Common Ancestor developed from a sort of primordial soup near hydrothermal vents. Said materials which made up the "soup" of chemicals likely came from asteroids during the heavy bombardment. this had all happened during the archean eon. Water also came from these asteroids and comets which pummeled earth for millions of years. They would give us the oceans. Earth itself came from a sort of solar dust cloud which was in orbit around the sun, as did the other planets. this was The beginning of the Hadean eon. The sun was formed when a nebula collapsed under its gravity. The first stars developed from primordial bass clouds about a billion years after the big bang. Said gas clouds came from hydrogen and helium atoms about 500,000 years after the big bang. They came from nuclei which formed about 3 minutes after the big bang. They came from Hadrons and leptons, which came from quarks and gluons. They came from the energy created in the Planck era. The big bang was likely caused by quantum fluctuations, or possibly a big bounce. Now, I have a question for you; if God(s) DOES exist, what did God come from? If the answer is "God doesn't need to be created! God is eternal" or something along those lines, your entire argument of "what created such and such? It can't come from nothing!" is hypocritical, to say the least.

"If God isn't real, then how did we humans get here. You mean to tell me that we just created ourselves?"

Humans got here through billions of years of evolution that was preceded by abiogenesis. We did not create ourselves, but were rather created by evolution and natural processes.

Evolution has been observed in the lab and field, both micro and macro, and is therefore absolutely a fact. To argue against evolution is akin to arguing against the observed fact that the Sun shines.

As for abiogenesis, we know that it had to have occurred, because the early universe did not contain the elements necessary for life, and the conditions were too hot for life. This means that life arose from a cosmos that was devoid of life. We do not yet have a working theory of abiogenesis, just like we used to not have a working theory of gravity, but that is not a reason to declare that abiogenesis, which is logically necessary, did not occur.

We know God isn't real, because he is logically impossible. Omnipotence is paradoxical, infinite regressions don't make sense, and one cannot have both free will and omniscience. Besides, can God be omniscient and still know what it is to personally experience never knowing anything his entire existence?

There is also evidence showing that God is a made up concept meant to explain things nobody could explain, and to control the masses. There is zero evidence for the existence of God, which means there is no reason to include him as a cause for anything.

If God isn't real then how did we humans get here [...] you mean to tell me we just created ourselves?

A--What you present here is a classic false dichotomy.

The problem with the false dichotomy-limiting the possible answers to only two-when there are more than two possible answers-is that it's intellectually dishonest.

The classic-"If you're not with us-you're against us" trope. There's an obvious third answer that's just as possible as the other two choices--but is ignored for some dishonest reason.

I also need to point out that "creating ourselves" has got to be the most childish cartoon answer to an otherwise good question. If you're over the age of 5, you should hang your head in shame.

But it's even worse than that when magical answers (God) are allowed on the list--instead of getting shorter--the list is now nearly infinite with all the proposed answers we can come up with based in magic.

  • Odin did it.
  • Cap'n Crunch teamed up with the Trix Rabbit.
  • Krampus and his magic bag are the culprits.
  • Tree-dwelling, cookie-baking Elves are responsible.
  • etc...

Adding magical explanations do nothing but impede progress.

Magic wasn't real 10,000 years ago-it wasn't real 2,000 years ago-and it's not real today.

Magic is the cornerstone of all superstition: voodoo & witchcraft, vampires & werewolves, baptism & exorcisms--and YES--even religions such as Christianity.

Without magic-there are no gods, no demons, no angels, no evil eye, no lightning-tossing hammers, no Arab flying on a winged horse, no Santa, no Krampus, no heaven, no hell-and no sidewalk cracks breaking your mother's back.

Q: If God isn't real then how did we humans get here you mean to tell me we just created ourselves?

The problem with your question is that it seems like you just want to be incredulous. It also seems that to actually understand you'll need to learn quite a bit. Which isn't a problem if you approach it with learning in mind.

And you're not specific. When people ask that question it could mean anything from the universe, all the way to humans. That's many things, each deep subjects. You can understand them, it's not that hard. But not all at once, and not if you simply reject it because it's unfamiliar.

I guess you're Christian, maybe it would help to know that over 16000 clergy have expressed support for that science. They urge everyone to accept the science.

And the answer is we've evolved naturally. Would you like to know more?

So, which part would you like to start with?

It really depends on what you mean by'God', when you ask "if God isn't real'. Everybody knows there has to have been some ‘source' from which it all began. Some call it the primordial soup, but that is not it, because that is after what they call the Big Bang. So, there had to have been an even older soup that worked itself into such a form as to create this first (explosion', though some say it didn't explode, and it just sort of ‘oozed' out. Either way, that first emergence of whatever it was then becomes the ‘source' or God. Some don't like to refer to any of it as (a) God because of the way it's been implemented through the church. Some do believe in ‘a' God, but refer to it as ‘the source' itself.

I like this one

If God isn't real then how did we humans get here you mean to tell me we just created ourselves?

If God IS real, then how did God get here? Do you mean to tell me he just created himself?!

See the problem here?

If you say God did indeed just create himself, then why can nothing else simply self-create?

If all things need a creator, then who created God? And if God needed a creator, then who created his creator?

If God has always just existed, then why not the ingredients for the universe and life? They may just be cycling through a change too long and large for us to understand.

I'm happy to say I have no idea how we came to be and probably never will, rather than making assumptions that for us to exist a being that didn't need to be created itself to exist created us.

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