If I am South Indian, how do I go about marrying a North Indian girl?

Simple, post an ad in "cosmopolitan" section of any major newspaper's matrimonial section or post your profile in any matrimonial website specifying the profile of girl you want to marry.

Btw, India is an extremely diverse country of more than 1.25 billion people. You need to be clear what you mean by "north Indian" as it includes Biharis, Adivasis, Gujjars, Jats, Ahirs, Rajputs, Baniyas, Yadavs, Kurmis, Brahmins etc etc many of whom may not be what you have in mind.

What are humans also related to, besides apes?

Everything else, if you don't give any more specifics.According to present models of evolution, every organism on earth is descended from one unicellular organism that lived billions of years ago. So everything is related.Organisms are divided into clades, where each

How does a man feel after cheating on his wife and shamelessly asking for a divorce?

How does a man feel is a general question. You should pose this to the person who cheated and not to the entire world. Different people feel differently. Not all fingers are of equal length and size, same way people are also different. What must have happened that he got idea to cheat ? What lead

What are good exercises for an S.I. joint?

The answers so far have been terrible, in my opinion.What goal do you want to achieve? Do you have SI jt related pain? Do you have a locked SI jt? Do you have hypermobility? Are you just interested in making sure your SI jts are strong?Generally, the best exercises for any