If I am being 'taken', what is the best way to survive?

Assuming your someone of importance then the chances of you be "taken" are slim to none; however if you're dealing with a snatch squad or serial killer my best advice to you would be 1. make sure you're carrying a weapon 2. make sure you're not out in the open 3. make sure that you're in a populated area it's best not to place yourself in a position where you are vulnerable for a snatch-and-grab where there aren't any witnesses around to identify you. If you are able to avoid getting captured in the first place that is the best course of action which means using the crowds to your advantage to avoid detection if you're in an urban environment then move through stores and use any rear exits you can find, if there are available vehicles such as taxis, buses or trains use them. Most kidnappers are going to have an escape vehicle on standby so avoid the roads. Unless of course you're dealing with spooks or a hit squad then in which case they did their homework on possible routes of escape as well as your place of residence therefore you're screwed which means the only alternative would be fleeing the country if you're fortunate enough not to be detected before then. Don't. Get. Caught. because after 24 hours chances are you'll never be seen or heard from again, in all likelihood because you'll be dead or if you're really unlucky you'll wish you were dead.

What is a reason that the Avengers are so popular?

Avengers have became a huge brand around the globe. Almost anyone in the demographic group of age 5–40 easily recognises them(the upper limit is very subjective).There are various factors that play their part here, but one of the most important one is the fact that

Have you ever watched a bollywood movie?

A local television station used to air a Bollywood film every Sunday, and usually having nothing to do, I would sit and watch. It was a mixed bag for me, some were really great, some were silly fun, and some were just

Can we ever expect a film like Inception in India?

For making a film like inception we need four things :People with Great ideasGood writersTechnological capability to show what one has on mindHigh Film budgetWe already have very good actors,singers ,directors etc. We need people who always want to do something innovative in filmmaking, good writers to put those ideas to words,good technical team to make