If I eat 20,000 calories in one day, will I gain 5 pounds of fat?

You just can't make this shit up...

Okay...assuming you actually do burn 2500 calories per day (which should be your TDEE), and if you eat 20,000 calories in one day:

(20,000 cal - 2500 cal) / (3500 cal / 1 pound fat) = 5 pounds of fat. You're correct.


This dude here, is Michael Phelps. He's won 23 gold medals and 28 total medals at the Olympics:

What do astronauts drink?

On ISS, mostly their urine.Seriously, water is heavy (and therefore expensive to deliver), so as much of wastewater as possible is recycled. There are many answers here on how it is done; see, for example, Robert Frost's answer

What are some of the social differences between Australia and the USA?

Secularism. Religion is much, much less influential on public life, and discussed much less. Everybody is assumed atheist, and if they're religious, they usually don't discuss it unless asked. It's generally considered impolite to say things like "I'll pray for you" unless you know the person you're talking to is religious. What Americans consider "progressive social

I'm 33, recently divorced and I'm currently developing feelings for someone. How do I let them know?

I didn't tell new friends anything about me after divorce . After divorce I had many boyfriends as I was young, age 25 and without any baby. I met a man really want to marry but I couldn't and finally I disappeared from him because I