If I have no job, what is the best way to lose weight if I have nothing else to do for 1 month? Can I stay at the gym for 10 hours everyday in the next 30 days?

I'm in the same boat as you.  I'm supposed to be unemployed for 3 months up until my oncoming arbitration in June.  I was active for the first 2 weeks being unemployed.  Then It kept snowing and raining.. Then I got sick.. Then I just stayed in all day and stopped trying to better myself.  My sleep pattern is all messed up.. Wake up at noon and go to sleep at dusk.  I have put on a couple pounds and a little gut. 

My answer is--if you have no motivation, just take baby steps.  Either in the morning or night time just plan to run 2 laps (or 1 mile) around your local park or block.  Do it the next day.  When you feel like you can do more, do more laps/miles.  Start doing it night and day.  Do a set amount of pushups and crunches each day to tone your body.  Use the same tactic as running as I've mentioned above.  Good Luck. 

Bonus:  Go to the grocery store or a health food store/organic food store and buy some Apple Cider Vinegar (with THE MOTHER).  Don't worry, the bottle will explain to you what The Mother is.  If it doesn't have any residue at the bottom of the bottle, it has no Mother.  Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar label will actually show how to incorporate it into your diet daily.  But quite simply, Take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.  You can mix it in water and add honey for added sweetness.  I've heard of people dieting on this, losing weight in months with no exercise.
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If you are beginners and you are not able to do oush-ups then ready for the eaiest way to do 100 push-ups in a day. These tricks are best for beginners. So start these tricks with basic steps. There are some questions related

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My father insists that children not raised in a house with BOTH their biological parents will grow up twisted and in some completely unspecified way, mentally unhealthy. He's strongly against anything that prevents a kid growing up with both their egg-donor and their sperm-donor, married to each other, raising the kid.I have tried to point out to