If I leave the house comando, wearing nothing under my jeans, will anyone know?

I don't have any cute pictures like Julia Reece but I do have a friend who told me last year that her doctor had told her not to wear panties anymore because of a persistent UTI.

The subject didn't come up again and of course it would have been rude to just randomly ask her if she was wearing panties (again) or not.

Sometimes I wondered over the year but most of the time I never thought about it. She sometimes wore yoga pants, tights, clinging slacks, shorts, etc., and I could never tell if she was wearing panties or not.

Until Monday when she was being bothered by some itchy lumps that she had on her bum, her inner thigh and the back of her thigh. She'd been prescribed some cream for them but didn't think it was working so she asked me to have a look and tell her if I could figure out the problem.

So she laid back on her couch, pulled her pants down to her knees and lifted her legs up into the air to let me have a look at the areas in question.

I did as asked and checked out the bumps on the different parts of her derriere and thighs. From that position it also revealed the answer to my question.

Nope, for the whole year (or more) I hadn't been able to tell at all that she wasn't wearing panties, but now I knew for certain.

I think that would depend on the type of jeans that you wearing and how they may fit.... Plus your own physical Anatomy...if it is more pronounced in the groin area compared to most ( pronounced genitalia ).... That goes for male and female.... It can also go towards whether you previously showed panty lines or not... depending on the type and style of panties you are / were wearing...

So how tight are these pair of jeans you're considering going commando with? Are they the stretchy type of denim jeans...but you shows off or accents your body type more than say a straight leg pair of jeans would show....! So if you as a woman have a pronounced camel toe while wearing stretchy skin tight jeans, guess who's going to show up? And if you are a man or a male to female crossdresser.... Not wearing any briefs or panties would mean it would be a little difficult for you to do the Tuck...hide your male genitalia...especially in skin tight stretchy jeans.... Then your Anatomy can becomes a little more obvious... or whatever rises to the occasion.... Get my point?

. So now I'm curious, can you describe to me what you plan to wear going commando.... Also what effexor side effects may occur via you choosing to do this? You can answer this privately with me if you choose to.

Take care and enjoy but don't overindulge or become offencive to others.... Self respect is always number one in my book.....

It depends on the jeans. If the fabric is thick and the cut is not too close to your body, then no one would know.

Then again, they maybe able to tell by your facial expression of unbridled sexual charisma.

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