If I make $150,000 a year for 15 years, how much money would I have?

Think of it this way. Look at America. Land of the credit card and debit card. Calculate the post tax income. Something like 50% of those will spend from just a bit more than that amount to a whole lot more than that amount.

We aren't taught to live within our means. You may get a raise next year and theoretically make up the difference. We aren't taught (any longer) to save. Credit card companies want you to max out, pay the minimum, and pour money on them.

Dave Ramsey will try to teach you a different approach. He's pretty good.

A serious answer to your question. You would likely live and spend differently than if you made 1/2 as much. You also pay tax. If you can save 10% of your earnings that's pretty fair. If you can save more, you're on your way to becoming wealthy. So 15 years,$150k present income? Likely savings if it was a goal for you? $200k - $300k. If you lived in a tiny house on ramen noodles with no car etc, maybe $1mm.

What are some sustainable health and fitness habits everyone can adopt?

1. Drink maximum water upto 9am. Later go on reducing. No water from 11 to 6 at night. Train the kidneys.2. Always sit with straight back. A stooping back makes you look aged.3. Get up from the chair every thirty minutes. Bend your body front and sideways. Again sit and continue your work.4. Do not use lift for

How to get likes on Facebook

​​I built a Facebook page for my company and took it from zero to 50,000+ Likes earning revenue of more than Rs. 10 million or about $147000 per year. Here's a simple 8 step strategy if you want to do the same.But before that here's an insider's secret that

How to build physical fitness for IPS exam

Start pumping iron for 1 hourEat lot of chicken pork egss beef tuna tilapia ect .If Hindu can exclude beefIf Muslim can exclude porkIf Vegan cam eat soyabean and paneer on a daily basisBut do pump iron , keep BajiraoSinghams wallpaper on you mobile or Chulbul Pandey would also do. or else you won't be selected for IPS keep