If I only get 3 hours of sleep for one night, will that effect my muscle growth at all?

If you are deprived of sleep, the balance of cotisol is affected. This leads to impaired immune system, increased appetite and weight gain. It also contributes to potential for diabetes. Its hard to immagine how an exercise program would not suffer under these conditions.

If it only happens once it would be impossible to measure the effect. If it happens regularly your results will surely suffer.

What are the best books about mathematics? I'm focused on computer science, programming, crypto, etc.

Depending upon your area of interest, you can select from the following list.Books by subjectAlgebraGetting StartedAoPS publishes Richard Rusczyk's, David Patrick's, and Ravi Boppana's Prealgebra textbook, which is recommended for advanced elementary and middle school students.AoPS publishes Richard Rusczyk's Introduction to

Should a couch potato start running from day one or gradually develop this running habit?

First of all, Everybody has there unique physic. You can't bring generic rule for all. One can follow the below procedure which is my suggestion to my friends,Calculate your BMI, It will give you some measure on where you are in the fitness cycle. BMI = (weight in kg