If I open a dollar account in an Argentinian bank and store US dollars, can I withdraw cash in dollars?

Here's the straight answer on this issue:

You can open a dollar bank account (called a Caja de ahorros en dolares) at any local bank.

Here's what you can do with that account:
  1. You will be able to deposit dollar bills (cash) to this account.
  2. You can withdraw (from a teller) dollar bills from this account.
  3. You can transfer the funds to any other dollar denominated account within the Republic of Argentina.
  4. You can transfer the dollars to pesos at the official Central Bank rate.
Here's what you can't do with the account:
  1. You can't convert from pesos to dollars without prior approval from the tax office (AFIP).
  2. You can't wire transfer the dollars abroad.
  3. You can't receive  wire transfers from abroad into this account. The Central Bank automatically convert any foreign wire to pesos at the official rate.
  4. You can't withdraw the dollars from an ATM machine.
And let me clear up one more issue for foreigners. You can open a bank account in Argentina, without having a national identity card (DNI), by going to the tax office with your passport and some proof of your residence (utility bill, etc.) in Argentina. They will assign you a CDI number which looks and works like a CUIT/CUIL, but its for foreigners. With this CDI number you should be able to open the account at any state owned bank (Banco Nación, Banco Ciudad, Banco Provincia, etc). Private banks may not want to take on foreigners' accounts.

The person writing this answer is a US Citizen with a dollar-denominated account at Banco Nación, so I know from my own experience that this can be done.
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