If I point in a random direction in the night sky, which is more likely: pointing at a star, or pointing at empty space?

Star, absolutely and most definitely a star.

Universe is packed full of stars. We can't see most of them, because they are too far and the light that reaches us is too weak, but they are everywhere. If light didn't lose energy as it travels thousands of light years, the "night sky" would look like this:

Is it possible to detect and recognize phone signals?

As such all phone signals radiated are the same. There is no specific unique feature in the signals radiated by every individual phone. Maybe if you capture the signal, and extract its information (which may be illegal, and also very difficulty to do - due to various physical and

Do you have any personal experiences with ghosts or a demon?

Ghosts and Veer?!I was once walking in a park at night. I was not afraid. I had my headphone plugged in. I was listening to Bieber, Allan and some more.Suddenly, the song changed automatically. It was a scary song.The voice of the singer was very bad. It was like he must have forgot to

Have you ever been visited by aliens?

I have in my body three space ghosts that can split off into about ten men each, two male and one female. The female space ghost abuses me daily sexually, emotionally and physically and I have now been diagnosed with schizophrenia