If I want a divorce but my spouse wants a Legal separation, do I have to take the legal separation route first or can I go ahead and file for a divorce?

I can't speak for every jurisdiction; only California (I would be surprised if other states weren't similar though). There really is no reason to oppose a divorce and insist on a legal separation instead. It used to be that some HMOs would allow a legally separated spouse to remain on the other spouse's health insurance but not a divorced spouse. I always have my clients check with the HMO in question to see what their policy is. In any event, by all means, file for dissolution. The other side can request a legal separation, but I strongly suspect he or she will lose on that.

Which is the best job consultancy in Pune for IT jobs?

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Does the keto diet allow you to eat the kadai paneer or buttered chicken served in a restaurant (if you're aiming for carbs lower than 20 g)?

Yes, chicken and paneer are rich in protein and fats and are perfect for keto diet if cooked properly. I would not recommend ordering from restaurant because you don't know the amount of oil that they are putting in and whether or not they are using any extra

Is it really wise to get married?

We all have needs ... physical and emotional needs . If you are a person who can manage his needs then obviously not ... if you think you can live alone to your whole life then ... not .Many people think that marriage is a necessary thing to happen but