If India and China get together to fight a war against the US,who will win?

  • India and China will never get together. They do not have a common ground to hate a distant country with connection has been beneficial. Particularly more so for China as it has benefitted immensely and has been the growth engine to climb out of utter poverty and penury to middle income super power status now aggressively pursuing a Hegemon status in Asia.
  • India on the other hand suffered a great deal from the cold war strategy and politics of USA. It used And strengthened Pakistan which had Pathological and existential hatred towards India. This led Four wars between the two neighbours. It caused great economic setbacks for the fledgling nations.
  • On a non Governmental level India had excellent relations. But at Governmental level it was pathetic and barely concealed hostility. Though we fought a war with China, US caused more harm to India than China ever did.
  • US is always like a huge elephant and lying by its side is very uncomfortable, so Sid a Canadian premier. US has also done some extra ordinary help in the times famines in India.we were essentially democratic, noisy, open,and free nations.
  • If anybody should carry a beef against US, it is India. But we were week whereas China leap frogged over us and now they have an economy 3 times India and 2.4 times on PPP terms.
  • Any way war with U!SA is impossible as US is protected by two great oceans. No one can take the war to American Land only way to attack US is through Missiles and Nuclear weapons. Use of Nuclear weapon will be the death kneel of this world I can never understand keep repeating why no war between X and Y or X and Z
  • This is Pralaya.

Australia will win. That too only if they plan to stay out of world war 3 and also if rest of the world doesnt plans to involve them.

A war between any two major countries is likely to result in another large scale involvement of all the countries.

Why do you think no1 dared to do anything against USA when they attacked Iraq inspite of UN being against them? Or why do you think no1 dared to do anything against Russia. Also why all the full-scale "wars" in recent years have been against the countries that do not have much political and economical standing in the world?
Let there be Peace. May peace prevail on earth. We have only one small planet called "Earth" where human can survive.

Before writing to this question, I would ask you to watch Bill Clinton's speech on Kargil War (Indo Pak 1998-99 War).
Mr Nawaz clearly mentioned that he is going to Nuke India in next 14 hours, it was Mr Clinton who stopped Pak.

Considering the above real scenario, now just imagine what would happen if world's largest military fights to the world's 2nd largest Nuclear Pile Country.
Its World War III that we are talking about!
1. India and China will never get together as an ally.
2. China is too dependent on US and vice versa; a war between these countries would be the verge of utter stupidity.

Who will win? Nobody! When somebody attacks US, NATO gets in. To help China, its big brother Russia will jump in. Everybody will just die; May be finally human beings will be wiped out from earth for good.

Yuck. Democracies back stabbing each other? China (the political entity) is perfectly cool with playing Godfather to Masood Azhar and such PoK based terrorists, claiming ownership of India's territory just because British never captured it & yet being rhetoric whenever India exposes their idea of one sided dialogue being meaningless. Except greedy businesses capitalizing on human exploitation on the inside of the Great firewall get together with their Government.

Despite body language based culture shocks, India is deeply connected with US, France, & Australia for cultivating secularism and democracy for forthcoming human generations. Without these nations influence, even our parties are shallow.

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