If India had no rules, what would happen?

Same as any other place had no rules.

Humans are actually a vile and uncivilized lot , who have been trained to live according to some codes of conduct in the fear of shame , loss of respect ,and fear of being prosecuted with regard to the Indian penal code.

Take out the rules, and there would be absolute anarchy, mayhem, chaos.

Practically there will always be rule. Who so ever is powerful will make rules according to them and others can't decline his/her wish.

And India will be little bit different as people today in power, possess money exploit others without any fear of law. But if Judiciary system is removed even middle class will follow same rules. There will always be a person on top may be angel or devil depending upon the citizens living there.

What was your biggest 'SMH' moment?

Thanks for the A2A. I'm afraid I'm going to have to go all Australian with this one.A young fellow at work said,

Being an Egyptian Muslim, is it safe to visit France nowadays?

Of course it is, why wouldn't it be? Security has been stepped up in light of the Paris attacks but there is a sizable Muslim minority in Paris and Parisians will hardly gawk or call the police because they see another Muslim on the

What should I do while visiting guimaraes?

Visit the old center full of amazing restaurants with good and cheap food,cafes and shops with traditional souvenirs from Guimarãe. This old center is really vibrant at Friday and Saturday nights with live music from all genres.Near this old center you have Castelo de Guimarães a castle that was built in the 10th