If Rahul Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister of India then what effect will the country have?

Award wapsi gang will queue up to take their awards back, suddenly India became more tolerant.

We will be prepared to listen new scams and big ticket corruption.

Crony capitalism will back again.

Terrorist will reach to big metro cities like Mumbai and because of security reasons IPL will held in another country.

Congress will try to implement Nyay and middle class has to bear the brunt and after all this money will not reach to Poor's account and middle man will be the real beneficiaries of this.

All new bridges and all new projects will be named after Gandhi Nehru family .

How to cycle to work

I have a twenty-year-old MTB that I bought for probably £150. I have replaced a few parts over the years, and it is safe and mechanically sound.It takes me from Waterloo Station to the City of London and back, each day that I am in the City. That is a

What is the most frustrating part of looking for a job?

Ugh. Bad recruiters.A good recruiter is a gem and can teach you about your own industry. A really good recruiter will tell you honestly what your market value is and bump up what you're requesting.Bad recruiters, unfortunately, saturate the business. Usually they don't view you nor your career wholistically and just want to plug you in somewhere. Many just

What is the difference between walking and running?

Running technically requires both feet to be off the ground at some point during your stride, whereas walkers will always have at least one foot touching the ground. In competitive race-walking, for example (don't laugh, some of these folks can speed-walk a mile faster than many runners), a common foul is failing to have