If Russia fought the EU in a war who would win? No help from allies, NATO, etc.

The Russian military is a wildly over-hyped paper tiger that the EU outspends by a factor of 4 to 1.

The top 4 European countries spend about $180* Billion on defence annually compared to the Russian $70* Billion.

There are another 24 countries in the EU that spend about another $100* billion. Let's call it a round $300* Billion. Combine that with an economy 5 times** the size of Russia's and suddenly they aren't that scary. Besides, the era of large land wars is past; any threatening build up of forces can be seen from space and nuked before it's ready to strike and when you use nukes everyone dies. So if you mass big troop formations, well, everyone dies so from here on in, it's cyber warfare, soft power and economic muscle only. All areas in the which the EU out-classes Russia by orders of magnitude.

So no, I don't see Russia providing any more surprises. The Crimean "little green men" sucker-punch was a novel bit of asymmetry, but like Germany invading France through the Ardennes, it's a one trick pony. The next time the "the little green men" show up, they'll be dead or be forced to surrender within an hour.

Russia is a country in terminal decline. It's economy is moribund, it's military underfunded, it's once cutting edge space industry an irrelevant museum piece. They are to be pitied, not feared.

*Purchasing Power Parity.
**The EU has a *GDP of about $21 Trillion, Russia barely cracks $4 Trillion.

My personal feeling is that although the European Union is less militarized overall than Russia, and might well be forced to give ground in the relatively vulnerable Baltic States, in a longer conflict that does not involve an escalation to the use of nuclear weapons the superior economic heft of the European Union would eventually translate into military victory. Europe may be less militarized per capita, after all, but Europe is still several times larger in population and wealth than Russia.

If things do escalate to the use of nuclear weapons, as might indeed be the case given reports about Russian nuclear strategies, all bets are off.

It would probably be an extremely bloody tie, with only small pieces of land changing hands.

For those who think that Europe is weak, note that the Eu countries spend 226 billion dollar per year on defense and have 1,5 million active military personnel.

Sure there are rapports that the German military are training with broomsticks and they only have 1/5 of a working Eurofighter, but those are frankly bullshit and you have have to be sincerely stupid to believe in them,

Keep in mind that as of February of this year, the German military trains with broomsticks rather than rifles.

German army too DECREPIT for battle - Shock report reveals STATE of Merkel's military

As of May of this year, the German air force has only FOUR operational fighter aircraft.

German Luftwaffe only has four operation-ready Eurofighter jets: report

Who do YOU think is gonna win?

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