If a Muslim married woman takes the last name of his husband, is it unacceptable in Islam?

The concept is foreign to Islam.

It isn't covered.

There is a concept regarding preserving one's original name (but in context to adopted children).

Others are opposed to the notion because

  1. Why deny your heritage?
  2. It is mimicry of the customs of other nations.

Why a woman should not take her husband’s surname - Islam Question & Answer

To me, the notion is absurd. Why deny your heritage? What if you get divorced? What if your future descendants want to trace their ancestry?

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Bill of materials:2x4x10 qty 2Concrete, ready mix 50lb bag qty 2 (not mortar!)Pipe, galvanized steel, threaded ends 1.25″ x 60″ qty 1Floor flange, galvanized steel, threaded for 1.25″ pipeScrews to fit the floor flange. Qty 8. Exact diameter unknown. Try 1/4 or no. 12 first. Be sure to get 3″ length wood screw with oval or flat