If a UFO landed on Earth, and National Geographic confirmed it's authenticity, would you want to meet the aliens?

If a UFO landed on Earth, and National Geographic confirmed it's authenticity, would you want to meet the aliens?

Assuming the UFO was a space craft with intelligent extra-terrestrials on board, and not, say, a piece of rock with unintelligent microbes living inside it.


The entire situation would be incredible, even if I didn't get to meet them. An intelligence in a form near enough to ours to have an actual physical space craft, but from somewhere other than Earth! Awesome!

Pretty sure I'd be way down the list of people allowed to meet them - I don't have any expertise in anything beyond being myself, after all - but it'd be an incredible experience I wouldn't want to pass up, if I had the opportunity.

It'd be scary, though. What if I inadvertently hurt them, or vice versa? What if they were so alien it triggered some primal reflex of mine and I screamed and ran away? What if being near them gave me radiation poisoning somehow? What if I gave them a cold, or something that lives innocuously on the surface of my skin caused a rabid infection in them?

Of course, if they were the kind of aliens that just wanted to hunt/ eat/ probe humans, then no, I'll pass. I don't think National Geographic would be very happy about meeting those guys either.

Yeah, I would because I believe I have already met them before in 1980 when a ufo came to my backyard when I lived in the mountains. I experienced lost time and would not have remembered the night's event the next day had I not heard a report on the 12 o'clock news about 3 policemen seeing a ufo over a local car dealership. Years later i learned it was not uncommon in ufo encounters to experience lost time when I researched the subject on the internet.

That night after my strange encounter I went to bed to have a very vivid and memorable dream about being on board a spacecraft. In that dream I was bought on board a ship by several of the small grey beings that are typically associated with ufos. The small greys handed me over to a tall, 7-8 ft tall grey who placed me inside of an elevator. I found myself in a round room at the top of the craft with invisible walls surrounded by stars. In that room at a podium were 2 beings that looked human, stood 6′4 or 6′5, they had long white hair, beautiful faces, wearing long, shimmery robes and encircled in a halo of light.

I had conversation with these beings and they showed me a city on their home planet built beside what I thought was a huge black mountain but later on figured out that it was actually a gigantic pyramid.

In my heart I honestly think I have had contact wirh the beings who have command of the unidentified craft that are reported in our skies. Because I think I have already met these beings I believe i know what to expect and I can deal with meeting them again.

First, I have the greatest respect for Nat Geo. As to who should meet alien visitors if they set down in Manhattan? I would pass on the opportunity. Thank you.

There are people better qualified to meet with them. Since 2011, the United Nations has been just waiting for the phone call. They have a protocol and a plan. It's run by a Malaysian astrophysicist, Ms. Mazian Othman. Her official title is the director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. (UNOOSA)

I wonder if her phone's ever rang? Would we ever know?

Yeah, but... I don't wanna be the first guy to shake hands. Or, tentacles. Whatever the case may be. I'll stand at the end of the reception line, and that's just fine with me.

The recent movie "The Arrival" (2016) features a linguist who is summoned to try and establish communication with this hovering ovoid alien spacecraft. She succeeds - with a lot of heart, love, intuition, and courage! I wouldn't be afraid to take an empathic approach.....

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