If a parent that provides complete financial support for their family dies and willed their estate to family members and not their wife or children, what happens if this family lives in Australia?

Do you mean to other family members, as the wife and children are family members?

The wife and children all have grounds to contest the will. This needs to be done very quickly, so get legal advice immediately. This must happen straight away to prevent the distribution of assets according to the will.

Depending on the value of the estate, the wife and children will be able to claim at least a reasonable part of the estate. If the value of the estate is small, the wife would be able to get all of it.

Are you still on speaking terms with your ex wife or ex husband?

Are you still on speaking terms with your ex wife or ex husband?I'm on great terms with my first husband and his current wife. They're both lovely people. We were divorced in 1990 after 7 years of marriage.I was also on very good terms with my second husband.

What is the best excercise to attain a lean, ripped body?

Hi Christian:A lean and ripped body is the direct result of mastery of nutrition first, and then it becomes more pronounced by pursuing a lifestyle of weightlifting, Powerlifting, high-intensity activities, if properly & logically conducted as a lifestyle. Think long-term.I recommend and advocate a program of weekly strength

What are the laws available for an Indian bride against indecent behaviour of Father in law?

You can rightfully file a complaint under Section 498A of IPC which provides for punishment of Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty. And the accused will be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three