If a person has done nikah, will it come under the Special Marriage Act and if he wants to do a second marriage under Hindu Marriage Act, can they do that since the first Muslim wife is not giving him an option for divorce?

Your question lack some basic facts. Are you and your current wife muslim? If your current wife was hindu did she convert to islam before marrying you?Nikah is performed as per muslim personal laws so special marriages act would be out of question if you and your current wife both are muslim.

Also confirm if the new women whom you want to marry is a muslim or converted muslim? Please answer above facts then it can be answered more appropriately.

Is there a mutual dislike between lesbians and gay men?

In general, yes. Lesbians and Gays are thought of as one group by the larger society and considering just the stereo types alone, you can see how the two groups are very different and why they often don't get along. The ONLY

What's healthier, a balanced diet with regular exercise, or an excellent diet with little exercise?

There is no doubt about the fact that diet and exercise go hand in hand. Both of these are equally important for us to stay healthy and fit. However, one needs to strike the perfect balance between the diet and exercise. The rigorous amount of exercise without proper

How to gain muscle on my thighs and calves

Hi!Legs and Calves are two different types of muscles and require different kind of training as well.Your legs muscles or quads respond well with low reps and heavy weight, this is generally not possible with calves. Calves being a smaller