If aliens from another world visited Earth, what effect would it have on the world's religions?

It would not change anything. Alien civilizations from Earth like planet would be humans or humanoids; they may be more interested in experimenting on your species scientists who are so arrogant that they don't know where to shove their PhDs. Since the 60's, the scientists of your species made absolutely no technological advances in anything. Everything you have is still the remnant repercussions of the achievements of 60s. Take your aircraft technology - 60s. Your car technology - 20s' unto 60s'. Spacecrafts - 60s. So, from galactic standpoint, alien civilizations would love to experiment and find out what these good for nothing PhDs are all being arrogant about all the times.

What do Americans think of the Northern Irish accent?

I was in Manhattan last year (I'm from near belfast) ended up sitting at hotel bar with a guy from north Carolina. I had a lot of beer and whisky by then.I don't think he understood a word I said, but I had a dam fine time anyway!!! Discussing the northern (Ireland) and the southern

How has becoming a parent changed your perspective on work and life generally?

Yes, having a child definitely changed my outlook on life. I no longer took chances while driving since I had someone else about whom I was thinking. Many things I would have tried before I had my daughter, but afterward was

Is Panama City, Panama a good place to retire?

I think so, depending on your interests. There are tons of retirees in Panama. Especially Boquete, beautiful mountains, cool air, coffee land. Also in Santa Fe, Santiago, it is a beautiful mountain town where there is a small expat community. Panama is so diverse