If aliens land on earth and say people 5000 years back were much more advanced than people today, how will the current human race react?

Its just my imagination,and has nothing close to reality.If we are 5000 years ahead of the technology we would have definitely found out the 5th dimension and if that happens the aliens have no necessity to reach us we would have already started trade with them.....and even if the aliens are dangerous we have the possibility of time travel!

Why do some people still believe in the death penalty?

I suspect the reasons will vary from country to country depending on their social and legal systems, however I'll have a shot at answering from the British perspective, where public opinion polls have repeatedly shown a majority of people are in favour of bringing back the death penalty for certain categories

Coudn't you defeat aliens with just guns?

well this is a hard question to answer as we haven't actually seen any aliens. So we don't know how technologically advanced they will be, but as chances are THEY will be visiting us they are most likely going to be far superior to us tech wise. I doubt that if a species

Can the U.S. still call itself a wealthy nation?

Yes it can still be considered wealthy because it has the highest GDP. The debt is less relevant than that - the debt ratio to GDP is high but not the highest in the world. And while it potentially can