If aliens visited Earth, would that help or hurt humanity?

If aliens visited Earth, humanity would benefit a great deal- assuming we survived it. We can imagine all of the alien invasion scenarios where we are exterminated- even the War of the Worlds/Independence Day scenarios where we are on the brink of extermination but miraculously saved. But let's set aside all of that and imagine a scenario where the aliens land and they actually have good intentions.

Well-intentioned aliens would bring us unimaginable advances in technology, medicine, general knowledge, education- you name it. They would bring a whole civilization's worth of new art, literature, and, most likely, music. Some of these form would doubtless have been inconceivable to humans before the aliens arrived. They would also bring new organizational paradigms for social, economic, and political orders- again, things we probably never could have conceived of on our own.

In addition to what we get from the aliens, we will undoubtedly respond in kind- knowledge and ideas the aliens might never have conceived of (of course, what they'll do with reality TV, I can't conceive of either. :P) As teachers and benefactors, mankind will move into a new era of civilization.

Finally, the aliens will answer the age-old question of "are we alone?" I believe that this will not destroy theology, but rather move it into a whole new era of understanding as well.

Aliens from where?

I think that's something you're going to have to answer before I can give you an answer. Do you really want me to just, willy nilly, sign off on aliens from just anywhere?

We need to make sure they fit in with, you know, people like us.

What if the female aliens need a urinal and the male aliens need to sit down to pee?

We can't just have male aliens having babies. Did you consider that mess? I don't think you did.

What if they see out of the back of their heads instead of the front? How are they going to be safe drivers?

The last thing we need is another Protestant religion. What if they are Reformed Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints? What are we gonna call them? the New Newmans? Where are we going to find another Utah to exile them to?

What if they refuse to fly coach? What then? huh? We'll have to sit next to some tentacled thing snacking on worms. Uh uh. I draw the line there. We don't want that in first class.

ugh. I'm disgusted with them and they haven't even landed.

No. They would definitely hurt humanity.

Very likely harm. When advanced human civilizations have encountered primitive civilizations, the primitive culture has almost always been badly harmed. If this were true on an interplanetary basis, then it could be the end of the human race.

No one can give an accurate answer sincerely speaking, but as I keep saying in topics like this.

The aliens must be highly intelligent to visit earth through space travel so maybe even more than it's inhabitants.

Imagine visiting an ancient culture, would your visit be good or detrimental?

Of course, you also don't know if they are here as colonisers or what not.

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