If aliens walked among us, which famous people (now or historically) would you argue were most likely to be from another world?

"If aliens walked among us, which famous people (now or historically) would you argue were most likely to be from another world?"

It's obviously Trump. He's clearly an advanced agent of the Alien Overlords who are coming here to conquer the earth. His orange skin tone is one of the giveaways. His energy levels are way higher than one would expect from someone of his supposed age. He doesn't drink alcohol. It's probably too corrosive for his alien metabolism. He does impossible things, like winning the Presidential election when it was clear that there was no possibility of that happening. And like all alien overlords, he is attracted to and surrounds himself with beautiful earth women. The evidence is clear. Resistance is futile.

Miley Cyrus

Steve Jobs.
He was associated with bringing new technology such as iPhones and iPads to the world. Yet as an alien, he never quite got the hang of pretending to be human. His brash, demanding, belittling and overbearing personality made him appear non human at times. We know he was adopted, from aliens? He also died quite young as though his body could not handle earth conditions.

Stephen Hawking.

Given his extreme intelligence and physical attributes, it's obvious he's an Alien from a low gravity world. He needed to use ALS as a cover for his physical weakness. He was thought to be the longest living ALS patient before ‘going home'.

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If God is said to not exist because we have no evidence of his existence, then by the same reasoning and with the same certainty, wouldn't we say that extraterrestrial life does not exist?

Here is my best argument for the existence of God.How do we prove the existence of electricity or gravity that can't be seen? Scientists can only study the effects caused by electricity or gravity because there is a scientific Principle of Cause and