If an alien was visiting Earth for the first time, where would you take the alien to get coffee?

Velicity Brew at my house and specialty coffee blends from Olive Branch Coffee.

I would take the alien to my house. I would grab them by the hand, show them how to open the front door. Then I would help them climb the stairs.

I would make lots of noises so the alien is used to the sounds of mugs and spoons clanging.

I would show them the brown beans. Then I would show them the mug. I'll show them the action of pouring so then they can try it.

If they do it correctly I'll show them the water is really hot. I don't want to alarm the alien.

After I pour it into the mug, I'll show them how to stir. I say show a lot because they probably don't speak English. Bam. Done.Now I'll show them to blow on it to cool it down.

I'll take a sip from a cup of water to show them how to drink out of a mug. If they do it correctly I'll be really proud of myself and the alien.

Either that or the alien will try to eat me instead. I'll just jump outta my window, in that case.

One of the bars on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.


  • The view - the Opera House itself, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the city behind you, the harbour in front of you - is the prettiest urban location on the planet. We want to show them our best.
  • Its full of people from all over the planet happily socialising, that despite different nationalities we are one world.
  • Aliens aren't going to want to drink that Starbuck's shit, and they won't be getting it at the Sydney Opera House.

Later, we head off to Bondi to see if aliens can body surf.

Does the Republican Party have more money than the Democratic Party? And if so why?

Some years yes and others no. This year the Democrat's coffers are a lot larger than the Republican's, at least on a national basis. Some of the usual automatic deep pocket Republican contributors refuse to support Trump and some of the usual automatic deep pocket Democrats are disgusted with Clinton. But her fund raising

What is the likelihood of Earth-like planets existing in the universe?

For a planet to be truly Earthlike, it takes a lot more than being in the Goldilocks Zone of a star and being a rocky planet. You need:A Jupiter where Jupiter is, to run interference for all the asteroids and planetoids that would otherwise be payiing a visit way too often for

'Great nations win without fighting.' How?

Diplomacy. Negotiation. Intimidation. Trade. Economics. Blackmail. Cultural export. Alliances with other nations. Fortuitous geography. Propaganda.Not all of these are nice per se, but none involve any militaries, and all are very powerful tools.