If an inter-religion couple marries and remain in their own respective religion, what would be the children's religion and who gets to decide the religion of the child?

No one, except the children themselves!!!

Well during the growing stage, teach them about both religions philosophy and set them free to follow what ever they feel like without any prejudice. I know it would be difficult for egoistic parent, but understand clearly that children have come with their own purpose in life and they will use all means for that.

As a good parent you should be supportive of their decisions whatever may be legally attainable and you will see them fly with joy and contentment one day.

Why is it important to establish personal fitness goals?

Fitness goal is an important perspective when you consider fitness as a priority in lifeYou might be in for JUST FITNESS, but fitness is a wayyyyy more bigger than it shows,It's a never ending process, you just can't do the same things your whole lifetime, fitness has to challenging, enjoyable and rejoicing.As any other

Who are the most powerful and influential families in the modern world?

Currently, I would rank the Saudi Royal Family as being the most powerful. Unlike the Monarch of the Commonwealth (Elizabeth II) or King of Thailand (Bhumibol), the King of Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarch. He has theoretical full control over the world's largest petrostate and a population

How to lose 1 kg in 15 days

Everyone's way of losing weight is different, and some might even swear by their weight loss regime. But most of the times, the philosophical way of looking at things don't work; you have to find the smart way out. You ought to