If, as certain flat-earthers say, Australia is a hoax, how then could one see the southern stars from there?

If, as certain flat-earthers say, Australia is a hoax, how then could one see the southern stars from there?

Austrailia (notice the spelling. Slovenia) is just south of Austria, and you can't see the Southern Cross from there.

Now anyone in the Southern Hemisphere can see the Southern Cross. However that doesn't prove the earth is round, just that we can see things from one location, that we can't from another.

How isn't you can't see the Empire State Building in New York from the top of Mt Everest?

Then there is parallax distortion. Did you do basic science at school?

There are many scientific explanations that can be used (or misapplied) to support the flat-earthers' perspective.

NB: I am not a flat earther...but I was a boy scout and had the experience of going bush and lying on my back in the absolute darkness and watching the masses of stars, and earthly clouds revolving above me from east to west...it is only because of an adequate education that I know it was an optical illusion, and what I saw when, depended on the tilt of the earth, the earth's revolution upon its axis, and the earth's revolution around the sun.

Well, the only way to deal with these people is to take them to Australia, and then feed them to an Australian salt water crocodile so we don't have to talk to them any more.

I can remember going to Peru, and seeing the southern hemisphere stars for the first time. I was used to wandering around northern Canada and making my way by the stars, particularly Polaris, the North Star, which you can find by following the pointer stars on the Big Dipper.

I had no idea what stars I was looking at in the Peruvian Andes, so I was lost all the time. They pointed out the Southern Cross, which people in the southern hemisphere can use to find their way around.

My wife was in southern Mexico, and when she came back, asked, "Why was the crescent moon lying on its side down there?"

That baffled me, but I did a lot of Googling and found out the reason. When you are close to the equator, you are actually standing on the side of the world, so the moon looks likes it is lying on its side. It's not the moon, it is you!

Who would have thunk?!!!

If, as certain flat-earthers say, Australia is a hoax, how then could one see the southern stars from there?

If Australia were a hoax, you couldn't see the southern stars from there, but any Australian, New Zealander, or denizen of Antarctica will tell you its not hoax. Therefore certain flat-earthers are id- (be respectful, Dave), uh ... mo- (really BRBN), they're ... uh ... wrong.

I see no value in engaging with their questions.

  1. At the beginning one has an ignorant imbecile, with a demonstrably false whimsy.
  2. You may explain to the ignorant imbecile why they are an ignorant imbecile and why they are in error, but what then?
  3. He or she will still be an ignorant imbecile.
  4. Next day they will almost guaranteed to have returned to spouting their nonsense.

There are parallels in discussions with theists assertions.

If we are a hoax, then you can't obviously.

If I am a hoax then I don't have anything to do tomorrow. So I may take the day off.

Can I send any bills to the real people in a real country?

Thanks in advance.


Flat earthers strike me as being the mental equivalent of men who attend My Little Pony conferences or run around shopping centres in "Animal Onesie" outfits.

All at an age when previous generations were married with kids, had a proper job and were generally better educated than these modern swivel-eyed ning-nongs.

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