If atheists are so science-minded, why can't they prove God doesn't exist?

Because atheism is not ‘the claim of non-existence of god', it is ‘disapproval of the claim of god'.

There are thousands of mental patients in our mental institutions talking to imaginary friends. We don't feel liable to prove non-existence of their friends, we ask the patients to analyze their friends on a logical pattern to help them regain their sanity and not to claim a non-evidential.

This fallacy is burden of proof. It illustrates the it is the responsibility of the clement to prove the claimed, else that is discarded. You do not need a proof to disapprove something -in our case ‘God'.

I will provide three references to illustrate it. Two of those are those movies and one is the philosophical allegory:


-This lovely movie ‘A Beautiful Mind' can help understand it. Its protagonist John Nash, based on a real life Nobel Laureate, has this problem of talking with imaginary friends.

I hope it is understandable that their existence does not check the box of affirmative because others do not prove their non-existence. It is the quest of John Nash himself to come up with a proof of their existence. He cannot expect the doctors to believe in them otherwise.

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