If earth's magnetosphere and atmosphere suddenly disappeared, how long would it take for the oceans to boil away?

It's hard to picture earths atmosphere suddenly disappearing while the effects of gravity are still active .. the previous answer is correct that new atmosphere would be formed although if gravitational effects were negated then yeah it would be gone real fast . The earth is constantly bleeding atmosphere due to solar winds but we have plenty to spare .

The magentosphere protects us from this solar wind so if that were to weaken like it did on mars the rate of loss would increase dramatically and be lost over the course of several millennia .

So bottom line if you want the oceans to boil off immediately gravity is your main obstacle there .

What job will make me the most money?

Ah, I would say that is the million dollar question. I have been retired many years. When I was in my 20's the economy of this country was much more stable and predictable. Not entirely. We were at times wracked with inflation

What is the grossest food you have ever tried?

Balut. Balut is steamed or boiled duck egg with a baby duck embryo inside of it. It tasted good, but I ate it with a knife and fork, making sure to keep the grossest part facing away from me. I bet you will get a lot of Baluts in your answers.Balut (food) - Wikipedia

How to invest in the Brazilian economy

First read this : http://www.investingdaily.com/11...Second read this: http://seekingalpha.com/article/... A few companies that could make you some money:Banco Itau (ITUB)This bank is the largest domestic bank in Brazil, with a market cap exceeding $80B and revenue over $40B. With