If everybody could only ever know one thing about you, what would you choose that one thing to be?

When pushed, or I'm defending family, or someone that just needs someone to care enough to do something. That's when sometimes my temper scares even me.

That's all we can expect of man this side of the grave, his good is knowing he's bad. Robert Browning.

Dad is the one that started this way of thinking inside me, and it grew into a very powerful force. If you must fight, fight to win. Hit First, Hit Hard, Destroy The Motherfucker. I personally chose my own path as to why I'd fight. I went from being that bullied kid to being someone who refuses to take shit. To not be some bystander watching as someone who truly needs help. I needed help when the bullies were doing their thing, and no help came. Well I got bigger and stronger and began to fight back hard, yeah there were times I was seen as the bad guy, because I won the fight, and I did extensive exterior decorating to the real bad guy's face.

Why did I choose to write this? Hmm. Because I see kids talking about the bullies in their lives and no help in sight. I also see parents talking about it as well. In truth I don't want to see another kid end up like me. There has to be an easier way to stand your ground, without having to always raise your fists. Sometimes the bad guys of the world don't give us a choice, it's either fight back or get your face pounded. I see the Founding Fathers as perhaps the greatest philosophers of all time. Check out their words on Brainy quote and you'll see that they all say the same thing. To stand Your Ground, to not ever relax. That we need to always protect this great nation, even from those elected into office, and to defend ourselves from those that wish to do us harm. Now you know a bit more about me.

Can you build muscles without eating protein at all and just working out?

Can you make a wall with just bricks?No right?Even if you don't workout still your body needs 0.8gm/Kg of your body weight ( for example 56gm of protein for an average man) for repair and daily maintenance.If you don't take sufficient amount of protein , forget about muscle gain you won't be able to recover

My husband does not eat spaghetti and regular food. He always wants something special every day. It has become difficult for me to keep up with his demands. What should I do?

First, how long have you been married? If you're fairly newly-wed, is this a means of letting you know his favorite foods? If you've been married for a while, have you cooked or baked some thing(s) of which he wasn't fond? Is he perhaps trying to avoid a repeat of such meals?Is he asking for