If hostile aliens were to invade Earth, where would be their first point of landing?

They don't invade a town or city or state or province or region. These people invade planets. They are extremely subtle in their actions and extremely long lived. At 3000 years old they are considered teenagers.

They've been here for years. Their longevity comes with a price, that being low numbers. As I type I've been tracking two in Palo Alto, Ca. three in NYC, and five in their base in Glasgow, Scotland, where they are based for European, missions.

Their prefered weapon is weather control. See the rise in sea level and the spike in gires and volcanic eruptions.

They've been here for years. I place their numbers in the 500–800 range for the entire planet.

The debate over climate and those that disbelieve are created by them. The industries that create and seem to profit by climate change are of course owned and ran by . In our naivety and ignorance as to the ways of interstellar warfare we assume the alien people are motivated by profit in the form of currency.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Their goal is to raise the earths temperature and turn most land masses into scorching swamps uninhabitable by us, the natives to earth, but totally comfortable and preferable for them.

They look like us. Dress like us and can't be identified by any means other than a radio carbonic test of their fingernails or examing the bacteria in their feces.

They started the industrial revolution and invented so many tgings as to be far to lengthy to list in this format. They most media outlets and are or control many politicians.

We lost the battle the day the combustion engine cranked up, the day a earth native marveled at a steam locomotive, the day one of your ancestors commented on what a nice warm but of weather we've been having for a change.

Their use of native plants in the form of opiates and marijuana to destroy lives is particularly insidious.

I'm leaving for the arctic tonight.

Good luck.

Hostile huh?

Unlike the typical SF cliches, they probably wouldn't need to ‘invade' as such, but would first lay waste to whatever population they want to get rid off, by remote bombardment, disease, planetary imbalancing, or things we can't even imagine. (talking all creatures, not just humans)

It's unlikely they will go mano-a-mano, but who knows they might enjoy doing their equivalent of squirrel hunting with .50 cals.

After they're done, they might choose to land in an area that is largely unaffected by their actions so as to build clean, or the opposite if they enjoy viewing their carnage. Or they might not care either way.

A crazier but still possible scenario could be that they just land and ignore us, and only wipe out pockets of resistance besides where they land, leaving the rest of us be in our (in their eyes) underdeveloped and ‘shock-and-awe' state.

A more to-the-point answer would be: wherever there are resources they deem to be valuable, on top of corpses and ruin or not.

Hostile aliens are invading earth now. That is what alien abductions are about. They are reported in every country, everywhere; citis, town, and countryside. See David Jacobs' books, Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity and The Threat. You can also read about hostile aliens in the case history section of stopabductions.com. Thought screen helmets do stop hostile aliens. I've been making them and sending them to people all over the earth for free for 19 years. The invasion is now.

Modern day humans go back in time to the Aztecs with the intent to destroy and take over.

Are they going to land on the outer edges of the civilization, and slowly work their way inward, playing it safe?


They are going to land right smack dab in the heart of Aztec civilization with the largest concentration of people knowing that sticks and stone mean nothing against their war machines, wherever seems most superior, and disrupt the civilization from the center out.


US most likely first, China, maybe Russia but probably not, or Germany/France.

My money is on the USA, probably California, Texas, or somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard.

I would imagine that they arrive in Heaven or Hell. It doesn't matter which since both, like the concept of hostile aliens are likely fictitious.

If you are an alien race advanced enough to travel the vast journey between stars why would you choose to be hostile? What have you to gain? It can't be raw materials - they would be much easier to obtain in space. Would not an alien race have developed morally also?

I think our greatest danger from a superior alien race (or a super artificial intelligence we develop) would be over-protectiveness where they control us for our own good.

Where ever they chose. They might pick close to some capitals (Washington DC, London England, Paris France, Moscow Russia) or they might pick larger remote areas to land. Without knowing what kind of weapons they have or how big a force they can land with, your guess is as good as anyone else's. They might land at multiple points at once, or one single point, again, without knowing what level of technology they have, and what weapons they can possess it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict anything about them.

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