If humans had retained their tail, how different would our life have been? What would we have done with our tail that we are now doing with our hands? Would automobiles have another control that we use our tail to 'handle'?

Oh oh oh, let me make a smart guess.

For there to be a tail on us, humans, I will assume it to be above our buttocks(backside), 1–1.5 inch(es) above it. I will also asumme it to be an average length of 10 inches?

So, what changes would it make to our lifes?

First, like any other living animals with tails, it would express our feelings more detailedly. With the presence of tail on us, we would no longer be able to hide our inner feelings with ease. For example, our tail would wag uncontrollably to express excitedness and happiness, involuntarily. Our tail would lift straight up, stern, when we feel challenged. Falls between our legs, when disappointed, depressed and sad. Tails, will express our purest feeling, easing psychologist to understand our inner feelings more easily, as well as leaving our thoughts and feelings exposed, seen and known by everyone else. So, do you feel your privacy has been invaded?

Secondly, if we were to have tails, we would use it to brush off flies and pests which bother/annoy us. With fully access to the tail, we would use it to wipe off annoying pests that get in out way. And since we're more developed than any living mammals on this earth, we might be able to use it for other purposes. For instance, it might be an alternative for unfortune people to carry out different types of activites. It can be used to handle pencils, tools, that can overcome the loss of hands.

Thirdly, since we, human beings appreciate beauty. There would be presence of decoratives for our beloved tails! We would have tail bands, ribbons and even peircings! It would be an extra part for us to take care of. Surely, there would also be fancy style and types of tails emerging. We would have real pony tails!

Moreover, there would also be presence of weird sports we would not have thought about. Possibly a tail fight? I cannot tell. With tails, there would be a number of new sports we could watch on OLYMPICS!

For sure, all the above are only my personal smart guesses! With any offence or unpleasant words/description. I would like to deliver my deepest apology.

With that, I end my sentence with a


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