If murder is illegal then why is abortion even speakable?

Well I don't see a foetus or a zygote as a viable form of life, its a growth that has the potential to become human but isn't yet. To me, arguing that a foetus is a viable form of life is like claiming the same of a tumor. Its a cluster of cells with no consciousness. Disregarding my opinion on viability, there's also the issue of Bodily Autonomy. This is a human right that states we have the upmost control of our own bodies, even after death. It is not compulsory to give your organs away after you die, we are not forced to give blood, because we have the right to a choice. See where I'm going with this? In fact, you could be driving like an absolute lunatic, cause a family to crash their car, and when the doctors tell you they have a very rare blood type that you share and you're the only one that can save them, guess what? You can still refuse to help. I don't know how anyone can call themselves pro-life when they only work to stop abortion. That isn't pro-life, that's pro-birth. If people were truly pro-life they would campaign hard to make organ donation upon death compulsory, because that would be saving way more lives than banning abortion, be it through donation or medical research.

Will the cast of Avengers 4 be bigger than the cast of Infinity War?

Potentially. If I had to pick yay or nay, I would say yay. The characters that we missed were: Nakia, Korg, Valkyrie, Ant-Man, (possibly the Wasp) and Hawkeye. That's six potential characters that we should most definitely see in Avengers 4. Oppositely, we lost

How many matches did Sachin Tendulkar played?

This is the complete breakdown of the total matches (international) played by Sachin Tendulkar -Matches-Total -664ODI - 463Test - 200T20 - 1Total runs- 34357ODI - 18426Test - 15921T20 - 10Career average - 48.52 ODI - 44.83Test -

If T-Rex got loose like in Jurassic Park 2 or Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, could a city's police department bring it down?

Yes. Similar events happened in real life.For example, in 1994, an elephant ran through Hawaiian streets for 30 minutes before being killed by 86 gun shots. It was 3.6 tonnes heavy, which is lighter than an adult T. rex, but keep in mind that the elephant would probably still have died if it was heavier. It would