If my phone is in flight mode, will it emit radiation?

There are three types of radiation

  1. The cell phone tries to establish contact with the nearest cell tower at all times in a switched on mode. This leads to Electro Magnetic Radiation. When you put your device on a flight mode, this form of radiation is reduced to zero.
  2. Other forms of radiation such as Bluetooth, NFC - if not switched off, will be radiating. But this is minimum - almost a 100th of the EMR
  3. There is a possibility of back ground radiation - EMF from the electronics circuitry because of passage of current. It is typically low - but one must check for this. EMF at close ranges is more damning than EMR.

To summarize, if your phone is on flight mode, it will not have EMR (80% - 100% of your radiation issues sorted). The rest radiation could be because of EMF or low doses of EMR - which must have to be measured and ascertained.

No they don't.


Because when the phone is being switched off or put into airplane mode,it sends a  "switched off "signal to the nearest MSO (A co-ordinating office for transferring phone calls).Now,the MSO updates the status of your phone number as "switched off".So when anybody calls you, it first goes to the MSO and the MSO tells him/her that your phone is switched off.So the signal doesn't even reach to your phone.And that's why there's no emission of radiation during that period.
The principal health concern with cell phones is that they emit radio frequency microwave radiation. Thousands of independent peer reviewed studies link these exposures to adverse biological effects and serious diseases such as cancer, see 44 Reasons To Believe Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer 

When your cell phone is in flight mode it does NOT emit radio frequency radiation and is therefore MUCH safer. I have tested this numerous times, see Cell Phone Radiation – Significantly Reduce Your Exposure In Seconds
ALL radiation?  No.  It emits light and it emits electromagnetic radiation from the computer circuitry.  What it won't emit is powerful enough radiation at a frequency that could interfere, in any currently known way, with any of the electronics on board the plane - which is the purpose of airplane mode.

However - if you're told to turn the phone off, the law requires that you turn it off, not just put it in airplane mode.  On a plane in flight, the captain makes the rules.  You can sue later, but refusing to turn the phone off if you're told to is illegal and you can be met by federal marshals on landing and locked up.  (There could conceivably be some legitimate reason for all electronics to be turned off - like some stray signal causing a problem, and they don't want to spend 2 hours testing each device every passenger has, so everyone has to turn off everything.)
Depends on what kind of radiation you are referring to. Switching the airplane mode on cuts the communication off between your phone and the tower completely.

But understand that your phone has other antennas for Bluetooth and other near field communication options. Also it is made of many integrated circuits and interconnections on a printed circuit board which might radiate enough to cause interference to other current carrying devices.

In summary, your phone will radiate even if you put it in airplane mode. Just that the kind of radiation you observe is different.

It's supposed to stop all RF transmissions - WiFi, Bluetooth, cell transmission (including the regular cell tower check-in when you aren't actually on the phone, and cellular data). Those are all electromagnetic radiation. So is visible light from the screen, but that doesn't count - it can't interfere with even badly-designed avionics.

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