If my wife is bisexual, how could I as a husband satisfy her other needs?

So, about 19 years ago my new wife of only a year, had always been sensitive about her underwear drawer. I thought it an odd fixation, but ignored it on the premise that we were newlyweds and maybe she was embarrassed like going to the bathroom in front of your new spouse. One day I finished the laundry and put her folded underwear away and saw a vibrator and nude pictures of other women.  As a 19yo male my ego was crushed, I had married a lesbian and I couldn't cope. A short time later I confronted her about it. She lovingly explained that she had always been attracted to women as well as men and that it was something she didn't fully understand either. Mind you, this was the early 90s, bisexual was hardly a word, let alone a lifestyle.

Over the years we worked together to help me understand and her explore who she was sexually (yes, that means exactly how it sounds) and I've found that, now 20 years into a wonderful marriage, it only means she has urges for the same things I do. In my situation and mind it was my duty to allow her to find out who she was.

For us, we have enjoyed a polyamorous lifestyle for the last 15 years. We have basic understandings of what we do and don't do. We don't allow this to ever get out to family or our kids. And most importantly, we have learned to trust each other on levels I didn't know we could.

Disclaimer: this isn't a recommendation of what to do, but merely a story that A: you're not the only one. B: with love and respect you will find what works for your marriage. C: she loves you and her urges and attractions for women do not negate in any way her love, desire, or urges for you.

Good luck and if you ever need someone to talk to about it, I've been there man, hit me up and I'll happily chat and help if I can.
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