If only north Korea had nukes and would use them, could they conquer the world?

No. Simply No.

Mutually Assured Destruction, the delicate balance of terror that prevented war between the US and USSR does not apply to North Korea because of its size. They have no logistical power projection abilities.

They have no realistic and workable long range missile ability, even if they did, this is insufficient. Missiles were only part of the military infrastructure that made up the balance of terror, submarine based missiles, overseas bases, proxy states, these were all factors in the balance of terror.

North Korea has none of this. It has a population of 23 million in a country the size of Ohio.

Their conventional military, while numerically strong, has outdated and inferior equipment as the military budget is devoted to the nuclear program.

North Korea is not a power by any stretch of the imagination.

I laugh at these types of questions. Just because they are developing nukes, does that mean they want to control/invade the world like other few countries that are doing it? They are developing/developed nukes to make sure US/Sokor or anybody else will not invade them. They also did it so they can push other countries to talk on their own terms, as much as how certain countries use their naval/military forces to force "diplomacy" out of weaker countries. If you watched and observed the news, did they ever threaten other countries besides US/Sokor/Japan(not sure about this one)? If you want to know which country/ies are holding nukes (and sizable armies) and trying to use their existence to "conquer" (control) then look no further.

I guess it would depend how many and what metric you measure "conquer" by.

Given that normally conquer means you invade, you control the population, you collect taxes and you rule etc, then I dont really see how a nuclear weapon helps much with that.

They are good for destroying but not for conquering, also even if you wanted to use them as part of conquering by some sort of tactical use, you still need to be able to project power, with proper supply lines etc, to have our troops in the other country you have half destroyed in order to conquer it.

So its a resounding NO in my humble opinion.

No.A big NO.

If North Korea used nukes then I don't think they will survive a minute after doing this horrendous mistake. US and its allies will turn them into ashes.Kim Jong-Un will be executed like Saddam. Loads of destruction!!!


Deliver a nuke you need an aircraft or missile. North Korea does not have quality missile technology to deliver nuclear bombs to conquer the world or even its neighbors.

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